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  Look at my past F3 kittens all grown up!

Please note I have no F1 or F2 kittens currently.

Available F3 kittens: available now to new homes at reduced pricing.

"Knievel", F3 boy born May 28, 2019 to Margle and Arlo.

Knievel is awesome! He had a home arranged that did not work out so is available. Playful, cuddly, quirky, and will be a nice big cat. He has a subtle congenital anomaly that I do not expect to be any health concern, not something visible in photos (or actually really in person), but which does lower his price. 

face may bite hah hah spots cuddly

 "Raiya", an F3 girl born March 29, 2019. Info on her mom and dad:  More info on Meredith  More info on Arlo

Raiya is cuddly and super duper fast, very lanky girl with a great temperament. She feels deeply attached to her humans and will be a wonderful companion.

   face side

Click to see Past F3 Kittens from Tess and Meredith and dad Arlo. These are photos the new owners have sent back to me of grown up kittens born here in 2016-2018.

Tess and Arlo had a big litter born April 2, 2019 and Izzy (female F3) is available:  More info on Tess   More info on Arlo      

face Izzy sleeping


The Siblings who have homes arranged already:

F3 Savannah kitten going to Ohio The cuddlebug Ruby, has a home in Virginia Beach.  Kneazle, going to Alabama  The magical Kneazle, going to Alabama.
boy on left Calvin on the left, going to Washington DC area. Lizzy, going to Ohio Lizzie, going to Ohio

My email: kfilseth@rockbridge.net

Check out some videos:  Demdar Savannahs Youtube Channel

General Info: 

Kittens are well socialized: plenty of hands-on handling during that critical period of 2-8 weeks, my kittens are all born and raised indoors in my home. Some kittens may be bottlefed. A deposit is required to hold the kitten of your choice. I accept Paypal and all forms of checks for a deposit.

I am in Virginia. I am happy to drive to meet people from surrounding states such as MD, PA, DC, TN, OH, or KY if that will help to avoid a flight. But I do ship kittens if necessary, currently only within the US, kittens must be at least 11 weeks to travel by air.

Ask to see photos of prior kittens from my momma cats, to get an idea of what they may look like as adults.

How are my kittens different from others: My kittens all trace back to my own original cross of  maine coon breed girls to a serval.  The maine coon breed is large and mellow tempered. (But despite Maine Coons having long hair, my kittens are all short haired because long hair is a recessive trait.)

I have just a small number of F2 and F3 litters every year,  usually 2-4 litters.

More about me : I am a dog and cat veterinarian working 1-2 days a week, part time stay at home mom, and part time Savannah cat breeder. My human/cat family is located near Charlottesville, VA.

About Savannah Health: I have not found Savannahs to differ in their veterinary or nutritional needs from regular cats. In particular I've been breeding for nearly 20 years and my kittens have not ever had problems with any kind of vaccine or anesthetic. Please be aware though that sensitivities to medications can be a heritable phenomenon: just because my own lines of cats have not had problems does not mean if you buy a kitten elsewhere you can ignore any warnings the breeder may give you.

In general the Savannah cat breed appears to not have frequent problems with any one disease or disorder. Several genetic issues have come to light as coming in from other breeds during the early days of breeding, and breeders are now actively working to eradicate these by testing and restricting the breeding of any affected or carrier kittens. My kittens come with a comprehensive health guarantee that includes a guarantee against PK deficiency, PRA, and any other congenital problem that could come to light up to one year of age. 

Feel free to write me and ask any questions at all on the Savannah cat in general or my kittens in particular, whether or not you are interested in a kitten at the time.

My email: kfilseth@rockbridge.net

My Kitten Socializer, back at age 3.

playing with kittens  

chicken The lower percentages look less like servals, here we see a F10 in its natural habitat.

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