Demdar Females   

F2 Girls in my current program:

"Tess" (Demdar Tethys)

pregnant Tess  Tess and J    Tess spots  
Here is Tess.  She has a lovely black nose and dark spots with an excellent clear pattern.  She is pregnant in the first photo. Tess is an F2 from Tang and Ansel and has Tang's mellow personality.

"Mazie" (Demdar Mazara)

Mazie  Mazie on chair
Mazie is a big sturdy F2 girl with a lovely golden color with white underbelly, and lovely ears. She is from Tang and Ansel

Demdar Meredith

  Meredith outside  face Meredith

Meredith has elegant long legs and tall ears, she is my tallest F2. Meredith is from Anna and Ansel

Demdar Margle


Who breeds a marble pattern girl? I do! Margle is from Anna and Ansel. She has a mellow kid loving personality, and she has a very clear coat which gives her babies good contrast to their spots.

Reference F1s:

Anna Anna is an F1 out of Samantha the maine coon and Kita the serval.
Anna's webpage

Tang and Anna Tang is on the right. Tang and Anna are sisters. Tang's webpage

Bunny is from Kittycattery Savannahs in NV. Her mother is Dot, a domestic. Her father a serval. She is a fantastic devoted mom.


The Domestic Females in Demdar Lines

Hilary and Kita

The above photo is of Kita the serval and Hilary, a brown classic Maine Coon.
Hilary is the mother of Agadez (Wormie) an F1 who now lives with Pat Babin.
Hilary also is the mom to an F1 female belonging to Connie Cutbirth, Amara Savannahs in CA, a mom to many F2s.
Hilary passed away from cancer of the stomach several years ago.
She and Kita were the best of friends.

Tabitha      Tabitha 2

Tabitha is a mackeral torbie Maine Coon. Tabitha is retired and lives with Pat Babin.
Tabitha is Doh's (Niamey's) mother, and is also the mother to several other F1s in breeding programs around the US.


Samantha is a mackeral torbie Maine Coon. Samantha is retired and lives in a pet home.
Samantha is mother to Demdar F1s Tang, Anna, Pinky, Kanzi, and several more F1s who were in other breeding programs around the US.

More Reference Females -- F1s

Niamey Doh1 dohdavid

Demdar Niamey is a 50% serval (F1). Her sire is Kita the serval. Her dam is Tabitha, a
mackeral torbie Maine Coon. She was born March 24 2003. Tabitha gave her sweet personality
to this girl. She is affectionate and likes to be carried around, even as an adult.
When Cal retired a few years ago Niamey decided she wouldn't accept another male. Monogamy is quite common with the F1s.
Doh's webpage

   sinai10wks sinai3

Demdar Sinai is a F1 out of Samantha and Kita. She was born in April 03. "Pinky" is retired and lives in a pet home.
Sinai's webpage

Kanzi   Kanzi again

Demdar Kanzi is also an F1. 

Her coloring is called Torbie spotted. It is similar to tortoiseshell or calico (which is torbie with white).
Kanzi is out of Samantha the maine coon and Kita the serval. She may be the tallest of my F1s.
A torbie female can have 3 colors of kittens:  regular brown spotted, torbie girls like herself, and bright orange boys like the kitten sleeping next to her in the photo.

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