Demdar Males

Current Males:

Preciouslitters Arlo of Demdar:

Arlo SBT F5   Arlo at 6 months At 6 months.

Arlo (1 year old in the first photo and 6 months in the other) is a handsome SBT registered boy who's personality is mellow and snuggly, he is the father to my F3 kittens. He weighs 14 pounds at 1 year of age.

Bundas Ansel:
Ansel (above) is a B registered Savannah from Bundas cattery. He is 5.6% serval. Ansel is the father of my F2 girls.

Reference Males:

The following males were part of my breeding program in the past:

Cal (above) is a sweet Serengeti boy. The Serengeti is a breed created to resemble the serval,
but without using servals. They are good sized, nice, have big ears and long legs.
The most commonly used breeds are the Bengal and the Oriental shorthair.
Cal had some lovely F2 kittens with Doh, that were sold mainly as pets.

Kita the serval's page . Kita passed away in 2005.

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