"Doh" -- Demdar Niamey

Dam: Tabitha (a Maine Coon breed cat)

Sire: Kita (serval)

Date of Birth: April 2003

Doh has a special place in our hearts, she is one of our most favorite cats. Doh is simply put, always happy. She is happy to see us, happy when she's fed, happy to be picked up and carried around, happy to go in a carrier, happy to go out on a leash and happy to come back in when the walk is over. Having kittens to love makes her even happier. In addition, she is happy to eat holes in my wool sweaters, happy to take a running leap at the dining table and skid along on the tablecloth knocking everything off, and then happy when I tell her that was a bad kitty thing to do.

cat show doh face

dopey doh outside

David and Doh